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2008 Submissions

Do The Guild War Do The Guild War Rated Stars Sometimes you just have to... Take From the Inside Take From the Inside Rated Stars A brief stick fight Durp Durp Rated Stars Anime Spam HL2: McDonalds HL2: McDonalds Rated Stars omg fuick newgrounbdslo ljk Sehnsucht 2.0 Sehnsucht 2.0 Rated Stars OMG REDUX ASCII CHUBAKA Chubaka Confession VII Chubaka Confession VII Rated Stars Chubaka Confession Sehnsucht Sehnsucht Rated Stars Sehnsucht HL2: 50 Seconds of Pain HL2: 50 Seconds of Pain Rated Stars OMG Chubaka Confession VI Chubaka Confession VI Rated Stars Chubaka Confession VI Legendary Confession I Legendary Confession I Rated Stars LF Confession I Spam Chubaka Jam #5 Chubaka Jam #5 Rated Stars CHUBAKA JAM PWNS U SadClock Confession I SadClock Confession I Rated Stars SadClock Confession I Chubaka Confession V Chubaka Confession V Rated Stars Chubaka Confession IV/4 The Epical Kiss 9 The Epical Kiss 9 Rated Stars LOL NINJER + CHUBAKA The Epical Kiss 8 The Epical Kiss 8 Rated Stars The Epical Kiss 8 - For everyone who said it was too slow The Epical Kiss 7 The Epical Kiss 7 Rated Stars Chubaka Epical Kiss I am Sad *cries* The Chubaka Saga The Chubaka Saga Rated Stars Good Memories of Chubaka Chubaka Confession IV Chubaka Confession IV Rated Stars Chubaka Confession 3 HL2: Concrete Jungle 2 HL2: Concrete Jungle 2 Rated Stars Comic - Concrete Jungle 2 HL2: The Bridge HL2: The Bridge Rated Stars Comic - The Bridge HL2: Concrete Jungle HL2: Concrete Jungle Rated Stars Comic - Concrete Jungle Biohazard S2 03 Biohazard S2 03 Rated Stars Biohazard S2 03 Biohazard S2 02 Biohazard S2 02 Rated Stars Biohazard S2 02 Biohazard S2 01 Biohazard S2 01 Rated Stars Biohazard S2 01 Chubaka Confession III Chubaka Confession III Rated Stars Chubaka Confession II HL2: YMCA HL2: YMCA Rated Stars CHUBAKA: YMCA HL2: Line and Sinker HL2: Line and Sinker Rated Stars Line and Sinker HL2: Raining Men HL2: Raining Men Rated Stars It's Raining Men Chubaka Jam #4 Chubaka Jam #4 Rated Stars Chubaka Jam #4 Chubaka Confession I Chubaka Confession I Rated Stars CHUBAKA CONFESSION