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Updates, Updates, Updates

2008-01-27 14:40:59 by Chubaka

Today I made some progress on my new movie, Choose Your Homicide. I also downloaded all of my movies from Newgrounds so I can back them up onto DVDs because several months back my hard-drives got messed up and I lost every file I had. I also updated 1/2 of my movies with new icons, and if I can get Newgrounds to update the other ones (because it isn't, for some odd reason), I will do so!

I'm Back

2008-01-26 12:39:30 by Chubaka

I haven't been on NG forever, but I've got a fever, and the only cure, is more cowbe.... I mean making Flash! When school is done I hope to kick things into full swing, but for now, I will attempt at making some new movies. One project I'd like to get started on is a movie that is long overdue - Fleshfest 3!

Just to Clarify

2007-08-05 18:18:40 by Chubaka

The accounts "Chubaka," "Ogmz_Chubaka," and "Woot_Chubaka" are all me. I think I may be in the top 10 or so of INDIVIDUAL PEOPLE who have made the most movies here on NG. VERY little of my submissions are actually from multiple people XD.

Chubaka out.

New Newgrounds, Biohazard

2007-07-17 21:18:59 by Chubaka

Hey everybody! I haven't been on the website for a while, but hopefully out of my boredom I will find the time to become more active as well as submit more movies and so forth.

My first order of business might be making another Biohazard, or continuing work on my Flash-based First Person Shooter.

Either way, hopefully, I'm back :)